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We solve your treatment with aligners directly in your favorite software and in just 1 week. With our Treatment Planning Service your cases will be more predictable and you can enjoy more time doing what you love. Performed by our orthodontic experts, the renowned Dr. Isabel Drewling and the award-winning Dr. Carlos Colino, both international professors.

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Transform Your Practice with Our Expert-Led Treatment Planning Service

Elevate your orthodontic care with our cutting-edge Case Review service, designed exclusively for dental professionals. Our team of orthodontists, including the esteemed Dr. Isabel Drewling and the acclaimed Dr. Carlos Colino, both internationally recognized professors, will meticulously review and execute your aligner treatment plans. Utilize our expertise to ensure more predictable outcomes and exceptional patient satisfaction.

Key Benefits:

  • Expertise at Your Fingertips: Leverage the profound knowledge and experience of our orthodontic specialists, ensuring your treatment plans are in the hands of the best.
  • Efficiency Redefined: Receive comprehensive treatment planning directly in your preferred software, all within just one week.
  • Focus on Your Passion: With our team handling the intricacies of aligner treatments, you’re free to dedicate more time to what you love most – caring for your patients and growing your practice.

Embrace Excellence in Orthodontics: Partner with our distinguished orthodontists for unparalleled service and transform your patient outcomes. Begin your journey towards enhanced efficiency and clinical excellence with our Treatment Planning Service today.

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