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Maximize your orthodontic treatments with our “Refinement” service, tailored for cases that have undergone our initial Case Review. Our expert orthodontists meticulously fine-tune your aligner treatment plans using your preferred software, enhancing patient satisfaction and enabling you to focus on expanding your practice.

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Elevate your orthodontic services with our specialized “Refinement” service, an essential follow-up to our Case Review offering. Designed exclusively for clients who have previously engaged with our Case Review for aligner treatments, this service allows for precision-enhanced adjustments directly on your platform.

Experience comprehensive refinement: Once you’ve completed a Case Review, our “Refinement” service provides an opportunity to fine-tune your treatment plans. By submitting a detailed form and providing all necessary case information and records, you enable our skilled orthodontists to delve deeper into your case, ensuring that every aspect is optimized for success.

Expertise at your service: Our team of orthodontic specialists will take charge of the refinement process, employing their expertise to adjust and perfect the treatment plan using your preferred orthodontic software, be it Invisalign Doctor Site, Spark, Angel Aligners, or any other. This bespoke approach guarantees that your treatment aligns with the highest standards of precision and effectiveness.

Benefits for Your Practice:

  • Enhanced Patient Satisfaction: By opting for our Refinement service, you ensure that your patients receive the most tailored and effective treatment, boosting their satisfaction and your practice’s reputation.
  • Increased Capacity: With our experts handling the intricate details of treatment refinement, you can focus on welcoming new patients and expanding your range of services.
  • Streamlined Efficiency: Our streamlined process ensures that your treatment plans are refined and returned to you swiftly, allowing for timely implementation and progress.
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