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Treatment planning:

The case will be resolved within a period of 7 to 14 days from the moment you submit the case on the platform. You will receive a notification in your email informing you the case is awaiting approval in your aligner platform. Throughout the process, you will have access to a chat with Focus on Aligners handling your case.

Once the case is ready for approval, the doctor will be notified, and a treatment planning report will be sent to you.

Yes, you can make your own modifications if you disagree with our team’s planning.

The case must be approved by you on your aligner the platform. Our team will send you a notification when it is ready for approval.

Once the case is marked as finished, and a new button will appear next to it where you can purchase the refinement for that same case.

Yes, you have the option to purchase of as many cases as you want at once, receiving a 10% discount por every 5 cases pack.

If you have doubts about whether one of your cases is suitable for aligners, you can purchase the “Case Assessment” option. Our team will review your case and provide you with all the information and guidance you need.

We work with the most popular digital softwares: Invisalign, AngelAlign, ClearCorrect, Spark, Reveal, and SureSmile. If you work with another provider, contact us at hello@focusonaligners.com to see if we can assist you.

Online courses section

Each course provides an introductory video and information about the content offered. If you have any doubts, you can contact us, and we will explain whether the course is suitable for your level.

 Yes, you will receive a digital accreditation diploma for the course, which you can download once you have completed it.

You will have full access to the course for the next 6 months.

Study Club

It’s a live online session where each doctor, during their 30-minute slot, presents a case. We will guide them in the diagnosis and planning of their case going through the virtual treatment plan together and making the necessary changes for a predictable outcome.

A minimum of diagnostic records standards will be required (a guide template will be provided).

Other attending doctors at the study club will have the opportunity to learn from the cases presented by their colleagues during this live session.

The study club will have a limited number of slots, and they will be filled in order of registration on the specified date.

Yes, you can present as many cases as the available slots you have purchased for that study club. For example, if you want to present 2 cases, each lasting 30 minutes, you’ll need to buy two slots.

 We will provide you with a standard template to fill out with your records.

Yes, you can find information about in-person courses in the course section.

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