Meet the doctors behind Focus On aligners

Isabel Drewling & Carlos Colino

Isabel Drewling

Aligner instructor/speaker.

About Isabel

Allow me to introduce myself within the context of our upcoming adventure: “Focus on Aligners”. A platform co-founded by my partner, Carlos, and myself, created to cater for modern needs of dental professionals in the field of virtual clear aligner treatment planning.
My professional journey, one rooted in passion in the field of dentistry, began in Germany, my birthplace. Subsequently, I embarked on a transformative educational experience in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, studying at the prestigious University of Barcelona. It was here that I acquired the foundational knowledge that would strengthen my future projects.
I am proud to hold dual Master of Science degrees: one in the Specialist Practice of Clear Aligner Orthodontics and the other in the Specialist Practice of Dento-Facial Orthodontics. These advanced degrees have been instrumental in elevating my status as an expert in these fields, fuelled my dedication to staying at the forefront of dental advancements.
Teaching, a facet of my journey that I hold dear and keeps me humble, has allowed me to share knowledge, shape the growth of future dental professionals, and contribute to our field. This dedication to education has resulted in the honour of being named “Best Teacher of the Year” on multiple occasions over the last years.
While the art of enhancing smiles brings me profound satisfaction, my true passion and expertise lie within clear aligner therapy. The subtle yet transformative power of clear aligner orthodontics resonates deeply with me, and I am committed to perfecting this profession. 

Carlos Colino

Aligner instructor/speaker.

About Carlos

“I am Dr. Carlos Colino, a passionate orthodontist who is always in the pursuit of further education. My journey in the dental field began as a registered nurse within the public sector, while also working evenings at my family’s private dental practice: “DentalColino”. During this time, I gained significant experience and embraced the core values of patient care and quality treatment. After graduating in dentistry, I immediately knew orthodontics was my true calling within dentistry. This led me to complete a Master’s degree in Orthodontics and clinical digital orthodontics in Málaga (Spain) for three years. Following this, I became a lecturer at the same institution. Balancing my roles as an orthodontist and educator, I participated in multiple universities and conferences, which broadened my knowledge and led me to begin a PhD in modern orthodontics.

After some time, I made the decision to open my own practice, “Ancora, medical and dental clinic”, where I combine clinical practice with education. This center has become a benchmark in the country, thanks to the implementation of the latest technologies available in the field of orthodontics.

Eventually, I decided to move to Sydney, Australia, because of Dr. Isabel, a colleague and now life partner. Together, we decided to merge our knowledge and use this platform to share our experience and create a global community, thereby spreading our knowledge worldwide. The story continues…

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